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Development Programmes & Networking for Graduates, and  Under Graduates.

But how prepared are people to meet the unexpected?
How do they react and perform when moved out of their comfort zone?
How creative are they with their decision making and problem-solving?
Do they utilise the skills and experiences within their teams and functions to best effect?


Personal Development Training

Throughout Outer Active's history, we have experience in running Outdoor Education programmes within Local Authority and Higher Education at Senior Management, Outdoor Education Advisor level, balanced with a broad experience in the Commercial Outdoor Industry. We have designed and delivered specific learning and development programmes for both graduates and undergraduates; ranging from management skills to customer service to business skills.


To ensure the training meets your specific needs, we provide bespoke training programmes. We research, design and deliver the programme specifically for your needs. Whether it's residential, camping, expeditions or field and school-based.

In today's fast-moving and changing working environment, most managers work in a highly structured way with processes, procedures, technology and frameworks to guide everything they do.


The Apprentice Training Scheme


Outer Active’s specifically designed programmes can help young apprentices by developing the skills needed for competence and performance of their duties at the required standard to succeed. Teamwork, communication, problem-solving, interpersonal skills, enthusiasm and right attitude are just some of the qualities and skills developed.

To ensure that your appren­tices or undergraduate get the best start into a busy professional environment, get in touch with Clive Roberts at Outer Active to discuss how we can help you make it happen?

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