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Development Training - Management

How prepared are your people to meet the unexpected?

How do they react and perform when moved out of their comfort zone?

How creative are they with their decision making and problem-solving?

Do they utilise the skills and experiences within their teams and functions to best effect? 


This event provides the answers!

Throughout Outer Active's history, we have designed and delivered specific outdoor activities learning and development programmes for junior to senior managers; ranging from management skills to customer service and business skills.

Our programmes are designed to assist delegates in the challenge of leadership or working within a team.  The programmes will develop a flexible approach to leading or working in teams of different cultures and functions through the understanding of transactional and transformational leadership.

The programmes are delivered through an experiential learning approach to include :

  • Increased understanding of the delegates' inter-personal skills /leadership styles

  • Understanding of action-centered learning and its influence on the development of team styles and skills

  • Challenge, commitment, and responsibility of situational leadership

  • Development of the delegate's transactional and transformational leadership skills.

  • A series of psychometric tests to assist delegates in understanding the development of effective and leadership theory

All our Team Leadership and Management training programmes are designed with one overriding objective: to deliver benefits to your organisation.

To ensure the training meets your specific needs, we provide bespoke training programmes, 

We research, design and deliver the programme specifically for your needs.

Cost from £80.00 per day, per delegate - Accommodation can be arranged to suit .(not included)

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