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Pathfinder Survival Journey - weekend skills camp.

Our survival Instinct is our greatest source of inspiration.


Mountain, Gorge, Canoe, Camp/Bivi


We cover:

Based in the mountainous region of the Brecon Beacons National Park, this newly developed weekend course offers a range of exciting and challenging situations designed to develop self-reliance and survival skills.


The Journey

Working in small groups your expert survival skills guide will provide you with the abilities and competencies required to navigate mountain terrains, cross rivers and scramble gorges.  We will also include rope skills/abseil sessions to ensure you can descend and cross waterfalls.  These skills sessions will take place as you navigate your journey to your final bivi site.


Bivi site

Your skills guide will provide on the ground support to help set up your bivi shelters, find water, gather wood, build and light fires, prepare game, forage and cook outdoors. At this location, you can use your newly honed skills to be self-reliant.  We'll always there for further support should you need it.


The Team

Outeractivelife's team of experts will provide the equipment, know-how, technical support and distant observation through defined areas of your journey ensuring your safety.


The Weekend Course


0930hrs - Meet and greet with Outeractivelife staff to go through

  • Course Briefing,

  • Check personal kit 

  • Outline Course Concepts,


1000hrs - Self -reliance Skills Workshops (inc lunch)

Workshop 1.  Navigation and Mountain Safety (40mins)

Workshop 2. Shelter Building, Fire Lighting and Cooking Techniques  (40mins)

Workshop 3. Knot @ Lashing and Rope Skill. (40mins)


1300hrs Skills Development Journey 1

Journey challenges 

  • Distance 12/14k.  Terrain via Woodland, Gorge, Mountain and Moorland

  • Disused 1k tunnel

  • Gorge Scramble and descent

  • Tyrolean Traverse

  • Wet abseil

  • Trekking over moorland and Mountain peak to the Bivi Site located in High Mountain valley


1700hrs - Skills Development Camp Setup (Utilise self-reliance skills workshops)

Base Camp Set up challenge 

  • Erect overnight shelter,

  • Light fire (develop skills using flint and steel), fire care 

  • Food prep (develop skills to skin game and outdoor cooking)

  • Water supply

  • Toilets/waste disposal preparation

  • Environmental considerations

Overnight at the camp - enjoy camp life with open fire care, dark skies, friends and freedom.



0700hrs - Meet with Outeractivelife staff to go through -

  • Prep breakfast

  • Clear site - clean earth policy


0830hrs - Skills Development Journey 2

Journey challenges 

  • 4k Trek - Terrain via Woodland, Mountain and Moorland,  

  • Arrive at River, Canal or Lake

  • Flora and forna identification en route


Self -reliance Skills Workshops       

Workshop 1,  Canoeing Skills & Navigation Skills and Water Awareness (40mins)


1300hrs Skills Development Debrief

  • Life skills learnt

  • Check personal kit

  • Final words

Who is it suitable for: This course is suitable for adventurous beginners and those with some bushcraft experience. It covers a wide range of fascinating bushcraft skills and techniques which are sure to enthuse and inspire. Starts 09.00am on Saturday and ends 2.30pm Sunday.


Cost: £145 per person (6 spaces available). Total Price including all technical equipment, skills training, guidance and food for this weekend package.

Click on the image below to download a PDF of the course outlines.

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Pathfinder 2fin.png
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