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COVID19 Policy

Covid 19- What Outeractivelife is doing to ensure your safety.


We’ve followed various government and industry sector guidance and we’ll be staying on top of changes as and when they’re introduced. We are principally following the Welsh Government Advice as part of the re-opening plan. Please follow the link to read their guidance document. We are also following the Outdoor Alliance Recovery Plan.

We’re “Good to Go”
We’re in the process of signing up to Visit Britain’s “Good to Go” UK-wide industry standard and consumer mark to reassure you that we’re following Welsh Government and Public Health Wales guidance.

Don’t visit with symptoms

Please don’t visit us if you have symptoms of coronavirus including a persistent new cough, temperature or sudden loss of taste or smell. If you are in a shielded group, are self-isolating or have been in contact with anyone with symptoms then you also must not visit to keep yourself and others safe.

If there are any suggestions or concerns with anything you see during your adventure activity then please speak to one of our guides. Thank you.

Clean Earth

Advice for Outeractivelife clients when attending any of our adventure activities.


Clean Earth


Outeractivelife support a Clean Earth Policy. We encourage anyone who wants to join us to enjoy the great outdoors but to also protect our environment. 

We follow simple guidelines from various agencies such as the Environment Agency and the Countryside Code.

Here are the things we'd like you to be aware of -

  • Be respectful of our environment.  Responsible tourism is the only way we can protect our environment and culture. If you are with us using the rivers, canals, seas, tracks, trails, rocks and mountains there are simple things you can do to ensure our beloved environment remains intact for the generations that come behind us.

  • Take care to avoid damage to both the equipment you are using and the river, canal banks. Please carry all equipment carefully off the ground. Avoid dragging equipment across river/ canal banks leaving the vegetation and river beds intact.

  • Ensure you do not disturb the birds and wildlife you'll undoubtedly come across during your time with us.  In particular, we need to avoid contact with nesting birds, hibernating animals and spawning fish. If you can see your activity is going to interfere with any wildlife then you should stop your activity until it is clear for you to continue.  Take advice from our trained experts if you are unsure.

  • Be mindful not to trespass on private land, your guide is there to ensure all landing and mooring points are legally available for use.

  • We want you to enjoy your adventure so to make it simple, everything you bring, you must take back home. All rubbish is to be disposed of appropriately, but our guides are there to help you keep Britain Tidy and follow the Countryside Code. Anything you find, you must leave where it is. 

  • Respect others who are using the environment. If you are part of a group, try to keep together but adhere to the new socially distancing rules. 

  • We want to ensure everyone enjoys the surroundings and has fun. So that we don't spoil other people's enjoyment we need to be mindful of the noise we make especially when passing other users.

  • If we're on a river, canal or at sea we need to keep well clear of fishing tackle, lines, boats and water sports equipment.

  • If we're in the mountains hiking or climbing then we can only use land with the owner's permission. Our guides are there to ensure everyone stays within the guidelines.

  • If camping, we must ensure we leave no trace.  This means minimising the effects of fire on the ground and removing all trace that we have been there.

Our guides are with you to ensure everyone stays safe and has fun.

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