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Gorge Walking

Gorge Walking has all the adventure and excitement you'll need! It's a physically demanding

thrill ride!


Gorge Walking (also known as Adventure Walking) is a hugely popular outdoor activity in Wales. It involves scrambling up or down a river or stream but it's the extreme terrain that makes the difference. The rivers we use run through steep gorges providing various natural challenges. It's all the excitement you'll need!

Challenges range from climbing up waterfalls, abseiling down waterfalls and cliff jumping.  We even series of disused tunnels in one of our special locations- it's 1km long!!!

We Provide

  • All specialist equipment

  • Wetsuits if required

  • Fully qualified instructors providing all the training you'll need to play hard and safe! 


Who is it suitable for: Great for adventurous families, sporting groups, stag and hen parties. 

There are gorge walks to suit all ages and abilities, so whether you want just a fun filled exciting day or something a bit more extreme then Outer Active delivers the lot.

Courses on Offer
Adventure Days - Gorge Walking 1 Day - £45

Gorge walking in North or South Wales,

Adventure Weekends - 2 Days - £120

Choose another of the one day activities below to create your own adventure weekend.

Abseiling, Canoeing, Climbing, Extreme Canyoning (supplement), Kayaking, White Water Kayaking, Mountain Walking, Scrambling, Survival Skills (Bushcraft).

Optional extras - Accommodation from £20 per night.

Our Instructors are highly experienced climbing instructors as well as experts in gorge walking. It's one of the best outdoor activities you can do. Our instructors are there to make it as safe as possible.



Extreme Canyoning 

It's an extremely popular trill ride! Some say it's like white water rafting without the raft!

Extreme Caynoning  combines skills from several disciplines like scrambling and abseiling. It's basically navigating through gorges, waterfalls and giant rock pools. It's a full days extreme adventure classic.

The famous Trawsfynydd Gorge, North Wales offers specifically physical challenges. It's extreme!!!

This is an adrenaline fueled activity that can include -

  • 60m water slides

  • 10m abseil

  • Water jumps of 7m 


We Provide

  • Wetsuits

  • Harnesses

  • Helmets

  • Cows-tails

  • All other specialist equipment

  • Expert guidance from fully qualified instructors. 


Who is it suitable for: the intrepid, fit and brave. Sporting groups or stag and hen parties seeking adrenaline fueled fun!

Courses on Offer
Adventure Days - Extreme Canyoning 1 Day - £75

Full day extreme canyoning in North Wales, Other locations available

Adventure Weekends - 2 Days - £140

Choose another of the one day activities below to create your own adventure weekend.

Abseiling, Canoeing, Climbing, George Walking, Kayaking, White Water Kayaking, Mountain Walking, Survival Skills (Bushcraft).

Optional extras - Bunkhouse or other accommodation from £20 per night.

Our Instructors are Advanced Rope Rescue Technician's with years of white water kayaking and mountaineering experience.  You'll be in the very best of hands. 






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