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What sets a canoeing expedition apart is that it purifies you more rapidly and inescapably than any other. Pierre Trudeau

Canoe/Camping Expedition - River Wye - 2 or 5 Days

The River Wye offers a truly remote wilderness for canoe expeditions. Take in the wonders of journeying in an open boat enjoying the wildlife, areas of outstanding natural beauty and historic landmarks. These carefully crafted adventure holidays offer a unique experience!

The extensive knowledge of our instructors will help you identify and enjoy wildlife such as nesting Sand Martins, Oyster Catchers, Heron and King Fishers. The river is also home to Atlantic Salmon and freshwater Crayfish. As you journey downstream the banks are dense with foliage and a huge variety of trees, each turn in the river providing a different landscape.  Take in the glorious site of grazing animals and hopefully some deer and wild boar. If you’re lucky, on an early morning paddle, you may even catch sight of an Otter. 

"a lovely voyage, with glorious evening lights and shadows on the water, indescribably beautiful." Kilvert

We will cover

Throughout the expedition, expert coaching will be given to help you develop your paddling skills. Canoe coaches will instruct on canoe handling, reading the river, rescue and navigation skills. By the end of the route, you will have not only enjoyed a unique journey but will be a more competent canoeist. A wilderness expedition delight.

We provide -

  • All specialist equipment

  • Local campsites with great facilities (bring your own camping equipment)

  • All transport during the trip

  • Expert guidance from fully qualified instructors. 

Who is it suitable for - This canoe holiday is suitable for people with little or no experience of canoeing, as well as more experienced paddlers who wish to join a guided trip. We just need you to be fit enough to undertake 2 or 5 full days of activity and 1 or 4 overnight camps. 

Our Instructors -  are canoe coaches of Level 3 and above (or equivalent) with excellent local knowledge.

Expeditions we offer

2 Day Expedition - Canoeing / Camping - £160pp
The exciting 2-day adventure travelling approximately 30 miles down the River Wye. Our local knowledge means we know all the best campsites with excellent facilities. You just need to bring your own camping gear and loads of enthusiasm. Other locations are available.
5 Day Expedition - Canoeing / Camping - £480pp

This five days classic canoe/camping expedition takes you approximately 80 to 100 miles down the River Wye. You'll enjoy 5 full days canoeing the river Wye and 4 nights camping at stunning locations.

Start and endpoints can be adjusted due to preference. With many sites of local historic interests, we can arrange the itinerary to suit your party. Other locations are available.

The journey includes some straightforward river paddling but if the wind conditions are right and you're up for it, we can try sailing rafted canoes!  We encourage people to travel some sections towards the end of the expedition on their own, but always safely followed by their guide. 


Maximum group size: 8 people 


The first river you paddle runs through the rest of your life. It bubbles up in pools and eddies to remind you who you are. Lynn Noel

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