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Travelling - it leaves you speechless then turns you into a storyteller!
2 Day Bushcraft /Canoe Expedition - River Wye (other locations available)


A two-day canoe journey down the River has two elements, Journeying and Bushcraft - It's a wilderness expedition delight!

The Wye offers that true remote wilderness essential for this two day, 20-mile canoe - bushcraft expedition. Journeying on this spectacular river means taking in historic sights and spectacular scenery with an added bonus of great little known campsites. See the wonders of the River Wye, nesting Sand Martins, Oyster Catchers, Heron and King Fishers, and if you're really lucky an Otter or two.

With our added survival training FIRE! FOOD! SHELTER! WATER! - You'll live the true back-to-nature experience.


If you prefer to journey elsewhere in the UK we can recommend other rivers or estuaries at a more suitable location.

We will cover

Your canoe coaches will instruct on -

  • canoe handling

  • river reading

  • rescue skills 

  • navigation skills / journey planning

We encourage people to travel some sections towards the end of the expedition on their own, but always safely followed by their guide.

Our bushcraft instructors will teach you -

  • fire craft, collection, lighting, nature's firelighters

  • food foraging and preparation 

  • wild cooking

  • shelter & building

  • water collection & purification

  • river crossing

  • plant, tree and wildlife identification

We provide: 

  • 2 days canoeing

  • 1 nights camping, including shelter building with tarps

  • Survival Training - All guiding and instruction during the trip from a qualified guide and experienced Bushcraft instructor.

  • All related equipment - canoes, paddles, safety gear -  bushcraft including knives, axes and fire lighting tools.

  • We can assist with your transport at the end of the canoe journey.

Who is it suitable for

This canoe expedition is suitable for families, adult groups and school groups. Ideal for people with little or no experience of canoeing, as well as more experienced paddlers who wish to join a guided trip. This course is available throughout the year. 

Our Instructors -  are canoe coaches of Level 3 or above with excellent local knowledge and experienced bushcraft instructors.

Expeditions we offer

2 Day Bushcraft Canoe Expedition £160.00pp

Maximum group size: 8 people


Fire wood makes you warm three times; first collecting it, secondly shifting it and thirdly when you burn it. - Ray Mears 

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