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The first river you paddle runs through the rest of your life. It bubbles up in pools and eddies to remind you who you are. Lynn Noel

Open Canoeing (also known as Canadian Canoeing) is a rapidly developing sport in the UK. Canoeing (or open boating, not be confused with kayaking, it's closed deck relative) is a beautiful, elegant way of exploring the water and enjoying the wildlife and scenery. 

Outeractivelife has been involved in the evolution of high-quality canoe coaching over the last 40 years. Our modern, well-maintained canoes and state-of-the-art coaching methods combine to give the best possible introduction to canoeing. With excellent facilities and locations, we can help you develop and hone your canoe skills. We have locations on the Thames, Wye and Severn alongside other waterways across the UK. Just ask if you're interested.

We will cover

All the basics of handling an open canoe both solo and as part of a tandem crew.

We provide

  • All specialist equipment

  • Expert guidance from fully qualified instructors. 

Who is it suitable for: those with little or no experience. Families, groups or stag and hen parties .

Our Instructors are canoe coaches of Level 3 or above with excellent local knowledge.

Courses on Offer
Adventure Days - Canoeing (Open Boating) 1 Day - £45pp

An introduction to canoeing on the river Wye. We put the emphasis on fun but with quality instruction, 

Adventure Weekends - 2 Days - £120pp

Choose another of the one day activities below to create your own adventure weekend.

Abseiling, Climbing, Extreme Canyoning (supplement), George Walking, Kayaking, White Water Kayaking, Mountain Walking, Survival Skills (Bushcraft).

Optional extras - Bunkhouse or other accommodation from £20 per night.

You'll enjoy the chance to consolidate your new-found skills as a canoeist.

But most of all, you'll do plenty of paddling. 

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