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The best knife is the one you have with you when you need it!


Bushcraft Survival Skills Adventures-

Single Day OR 2 Weekend Adventures

From the moment you arrive, the Outer Active Life team of experienced instructors will guide you through survival philosophy and techniques. They will pass on vital bushcraft skills from knots to navigation, fire lighting to sustainable foraging.


We cover:

Based in the Brecon Beacons National Park our aim is to teach you the skills you need to survive. Not only to make fire but also how and where to source the right materials you will need and to understand the importance of preparation.


You'll learn ancient practices to make fire using flint, steel and fire strikes. You'll learn to handle a native bow fiddle and hand drills and even using a certain type of fungi. You'll be guided through setting up a camp, building shelters for your day or overnight stay. You'll prepare your own meals such as pigeon, rabbits, pheasant (we also offer a vegan/vegetarian option.

For those choosing a Weekend Adventure

As our bushcraft courses are designed around you. If you're on a weekend adventure then day 2 can include other exciting challenges such as: ascending and descending steep gorges, hiking challenging terrain, mountain navigation techniques or even archery sessions if you are in a lowland area.

Learn to work together and draw on skills you never knew you had. By the end of this skill-packed course you will possess the four basic principles of survival; Fire, Food, Shelter, Water.

"The great thing about bushcraft is that wherever you go, the skills go with you."

     - Ray Mears

We provide:

  • Sustainable wild food foraging.

  • Fire-lighting with flint and steel and fire with fungi.

  • Fire craft

  • Open fire cooking, Dutch ovens & bread baking.

  • Preparing mammals, fowl or fish.

  • Water collection and purification techniques.

  • Shelter building.

  • Camp Craft

  • Tree identification.

  • Map and compass navigation.

  • Rope skills (2 day)

  • River crossings. (2 day)

Who is it suitable for: This course is suitable for adventurous beginners and those with some bushcraft experience. It covers a wide range of fascinating bushcraft skills and techniques which are sure to enthuse and inspire. 


Cost: Single Day £65per person. Starts 09.00am and ends 17.00pm.

Cost: Bushcraft Adventure Weekend £145 per person. Starts 11.00am on Saturday and ends 4.00pm Sunday.

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