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Bushcraft / Canoe Journey - Skills Day


We cover:

Based on the dramatically beautiful waterways in and around the Brecon Beacons National Park this unique experience includes the essentials of self-reliance coupled with the canoeing skills and challenges.

The Day:


0930hrs Skills Training Workshop (location to be discussed)

The day starts with an Introduction to Water Safety and Canoe/ Paddling Skills,


1030hrs Water Journey - choose between a 3-kilometre or 6-kilometre journey to the Bushcraft location. If you choose the shorter journey there will be more emphasis on paddling skills training.

During your journey, you're likely to encounter a wide range of wildfowl, but don't worry we'll be there to point them out and help you to identify the various species.  You're likely to see Buzzards, Kites, Sea birds and if you're lucky a Kingfisher, Fox or Hare alongside lots of other more common wildlife.


1300hrs Base Camp Setup and Skills Training Workshop 

Set up camp with on the ground survival skills sessions.


  • Learn the essential survival skills elements  - Fire/ Food /Water / Shelter

  • Build a shelter,

  • Collect suitable timber - tree identification.

  • Fire lighting techniques using flint and steel,

  • Fire craft - maintenance and usage.

  • Water collect and purification techniques

  • Foraging for plants to add to your meal,

  • Food Preparation.  Learn how to skin Rabbits or prepare Game, Other dietary options are available.


Enjoy camp life practising your new survival and self-sufficiency skills.


1500hrs Base Camp Deconstruction 

Clear Earth Policy - We have a strong environmental policy where we Leave No Trace.

  • Dismantle shelters and

  • Gather bushcraft equipment.

  • Pack kit into Canoe's


1530hrs Depart Base Camp

Return to your start point via water, foot or vehicles. The choice is yours.


1630hrs Skills Development Debrief 

After returning to your start point we have a final debrief to look at -

  • Life skills learnt

  • Check personal kit

  • Final words


We provide:

  • A Personal Kit List

  • Sustainable wild food foraging. 

  • Fire-lighting with flint and steel and fire with fungi.

  • Fire craft

  • Tree identification.

  • Open fire cooking, Dutch ovens & bread baking.

  • Preparing mammals, fowl or fish.

  • Water collection and purification techniques.

  • Shelter building.



Who is it suitable for: This course is suitable for adventurous beginners and those with some bushcraft experience. It covers the essentials of bushcraft survival skills with paddling techniques designed to enthuse and inspire. Starts at 09.00am and ends at 17.30pm.


Cost: £65 per person - 6 spaces available

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